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Feedback and suggestions

Anonymous: Hello! Work with you on dropshipping. When sending goods to the customer sometimes you want to specify who pays for the shipping - the customer or us. Please add to order form the opportunity
→ Hello, the customer always pays for the delivery in Ukraine.

Максим: Good afternoon. Please return the order. Man does not take.
→ Hi, refund is automatic within a week after delivery.

Сергій: Hello, how to request a payment of funds?
→ Very simple, in the office, there is a link to the page of PAYMENT.

Оля: Hello. Tell me how many pieces opt starts?
→ Hello, the number does not matter, the first order or Deposit shall be not less than 5000 UAH

Burn1985: Good day! Can I use your registration documents(certificate of registration) on its website
→ Hello, no

Anonymous: Thanks for sending, as always great, tell me how often the prices change?
→ Hello, the prices in the price list appear online, try the prices change very rarely only in critical cases.

Наташа : Hello! tell me Im not fit Body. it is possible to return? And what is the shelf life of the Incentive drops Love Drops. Thank you
→ Hello. Return on wholesale orders is carried out only in the case of marriage.

Лариса: On the other site a very detailed description of the goods, even the noise of the vibrator are writing, why You have so little information? Thank you.
→ Hello ! We are currently working on up-gradom our content and its description. We will soon be many new, interesting and improved. Thank you for your attention to our website!

Лариса: Pictures without logo of Your company is still there((
→ Hello, we have removed our logo from all pictures.

Наталія: tell and dresses that signed pre-order if you order?how soon?
→ 2-3 weeks


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