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How does the affiliate program?

We invite to cooperation
Customers of our store
Share your referral link with friends and earn 30% of paid orders. Via email, via instant messaging, bookmarks, social networks.
CPA networks and CAShBACK services
We provide excellent conditions and the highest Commission remuneration for partners willing to any kind of cooperation.
Market Plejsy and price aggregators
We are open for cooperation and ready to provide a full price list/catalogue of our products with detailed information and pictures in any required format (XML, CSV, etc.).
Webmasters and website owners
On your website You can place your referral links, banner ads, script, showcase products and informers.
E-marketing managers, arbitration specialists
We accept traffic from all countries of the world, free email delivery, wide range, great prices, high converting web landing page and other tools for the best cooperation with us.
Online shopping
Not cope with the orders, or want to extend your range? We offer the most convenient conditions for work on the system Dropshipping or purchasing wholesale with low price.
Aspiring entrepreneurs
Want to start your own business? We will help You to open your own online store with our goods and start earning good money! Sending orders on the system dropshipping.
Bloggers and reviewers.
We invite to cooperation of Internet bloggers and reviewers of various products, ready to provide products free of charge and discuss any ad integration.
Affiliate program terms and conditions
  • Affiliate Commission: 25%
  • Minimum payout: 18USD (up to 5 working days)
  • The penalty for cancellation: 1USD
  • The delivery region: The whole world (free postage)
  • Items in stock: 5390


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